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​Aftermarket Harley Parts – 4 of the most popular accessories for touring bikes

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Aftermarket Harley Parts – 4 of the most popular accessories for touring bikes

Touring bikes, especially Harley Davidson touring bikes, are incredibly popular at this present moment in time, although truthfully, they’ve been popular for decades upon decades. Touring bikes, such as the ones made famous by Dennis Hopper, et al, in the cult movie Easy Rider, are in high demand all over the world, as people are finally prioritising style and comfort, over speed and power. If you’re a touring bike owner, or are thinking of becoming one, here’s a look at 4 of the most popular aftermarket Harley parts and accessories for touring bikes.

Heated seats – Whilst touring in the midst of winter is dangerous for those of you who are located in regions that see the risk of snow and ice, it is perfectly fine to cruise up and down the country when the roads are dry and safe, even if the temperature is not too warm. Riding at night time, or during the off-season, as it were, can be cold, especially in cold winds, which is why heated seats are now so popular. These devices, as the name implies, help to warm and heat up your seat, so you stay nice and toasty when you’re out on the open road.

Radar detectors – Whilst you will of course adhere to the speed limit at all times, at times you can get caught off guard by speed traps, especially if you aren’t certain of the speed limit on a certain stretch of road. To help you detect when a sneaky lawman may indeed be lurking with his radar gun to measure your speed and issue you with a ticket, a radar detector will make your touring more enjoyable than ever, as it will give peace of mind. These devices will alert you when a speed trap is in place, just to ensure that you don’t accidentally go above the speed limit.

Fairings – Stereo Fairings are arguably some of the most popular Harley aftermarket parts currently on the market, as they will make your touring bike look great, whilst improving its handling and its performance. Best of all, as you are buying via the aftermarket, you will save a considerable amount of money as aftermarket Harley parts and fairings cost a fraction of the price that they would cost if you were to purchase them brand new.

Windshields – No touring bike is complete without a windshield, and if you thought all windshields were created equally, you are in for a very rude awakening indeed. windshields come in a variety of colours, styles, tints, shapes, and sizes, and can be opaque, or completely transparent and crystal clear. Not only will they protect you from bugs, and from the wind, they will also help to keep you slightly warmer than usual. 

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